Submitted by furano on Wed, 08/17/2016 - 16:55


 I would like to announce the DPM workshop 2016, which will
take place on the 23th and 24th of November 2016 at LPNHE(Paris),
with the kind support of the French DPM community.

 You are invited to participate to the workshop and to the discussions, where
we cover news and updates on the status of DPM: releases, distributions,
development directions, involvement of the DPM collaboration, new components, new setup,
old components revisited, performance evaluations and experiences in general.

 It will cover news and updates on experiences and best practices, user reports,
administration tools, federations, data access and community talks.

 We will soon set up the agenda, please get in touch if you
would like to contribute. If you have ideas or suggestions for
specific topics and contributions, then please let us know, we are
very interested in your opinions.

We hope to see you all there.