Submitted by furano on Tue, 05/09/2017 - 10:47


the latest release 0.8.6 of the DMLite framework has been pushed today to the stable EPEL repository. This is a bugfix release, which
brings only small changes.

Fabrizio, on behalf of the DPM team

Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version DMLITE 0.8.6

** Bug
    * [LCGDM-2273] - Incorrect Size stored for a folder
    * [LCGDM-2276] - dmlite mysql: decrement directory sizes directly in the db
    * [LCGDM-2281] - ExtendedStat through dome does not provide the acl field
    * [LCGDM-2302] - Tiny old bug - BuiltinCatalog assigning the parent of the old path instead of the new one
    * [LCGDM-2310] - dmlite-shell drain segfaults at the end when dryrun is true
    * [LCGDM-2313] - dmlite::MemcacheCommon::computeMd5 segfaults on C7
    * [LCGDM-2317] - dpm-tester md5 calculation fails on DAV ( DOME Flavour)
    * [LCGDM-2323] - qryinfo/poolinfo errors on an empty DPM Legacy free
    * [LCGDM-2324] - dmlite-shell drain on Legacy Free DPM fails to run cause DPM-Python is not installed
    * [LCGDM-2329] - error while calculating the Replicas to drain on dpmhead-trunk
    * [LCGDM-2330] - Plugin configuration logged at level 1. is it needed?

** Task
    * [LCGDM-2279] - Memcache ChangeDir: don't perform extended stat if path is empty
    * [LCGDM-2292] - dmlite fails to build with openssl 1.1.0 in Rawhide
    * [LCGDM-2355] - release dmlite 0.8.6 in epel-testing

** Improvement
    * [LCGDM-2271] - can't write to domehead via SRM
    * [LCGDM-2274] - Increment directory size increments directly in the db
    * [LCGDM-2311] - add force parameter to drain commands
    * [LCGDM-2327] - use binary and in the dmlite-shell find method