Submitted by furano on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:46


today we have pushed to EPEL the dmlite packages of DPM 1.12.1. As usual,
It may take one or two days for it to be available in the various mirrors.

I wish to warmly thank all those who have contributed to it with their
opinions, advice and testing.

What follows are the release notes for this bugfix release


Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version dmlite 1.12.1

** Sub-task
    * [LCGDM-2757] - Try to remove the file if the putdone fails - xrootd

** Bug
    * [LCGDM-2668] - DomeAdapter logs incorrectly
    * [LCGDM-2719] - Bump xrootd dependencies to >= 4.9
    * [LCGDM-2723] - The activitystatus field is missing from the response of dome_statpool
    * [LCGDM-2733] - Directory size not correctly updated with gfal-rename
    * [LCGDM-2734] - Allow file deletion on readonly filesystems
    * [LCGDM-2740] - Unable to disable bad filesystem with DOME
    * [LCGDM-2743] - Default values for davixpool vs. checksums in progress
    * [LCGDM-2750] - dmlite-shell should wait more than 15s for a checksum calculation to finish
    * [LCGDM-2751] - HEAD on renamed file returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    * [LCGDM-2753] - Race condition in DomeMetadataCache::pushXstatInfo causes instability
    * [LCGDM-2754] - Database connections not reused (connect&close for each query)

** Improvement
    * [LCGDM-2692] - Abort startup of DOME if dpm_db has not been updated
    * [LCGDM-2720] - Davixpool should recycle older instances
    * [LCGDM-2735] - Allow deleting from read-only filesystems
    * [LCGDM-2738] - Give a maximum lifetime to the DavixPool elements
    * [LCGDM-2745] - Set the checksum queue default parameters to production-ready values
    * [LCGDM-2746] - Do not cache 0-sized files
    * [LCGDM-2760] - Timeout "Running" queue elements that are not touched by their remote running task