Submitted by furano on Mon, 08/05/2019 - 10:58


today we have pushed to EPEL the dmlite packages of DPM 1.13.1,
together with LCGDM (legacy stack) 1.13.0. As usual,
It may take one or two days for it to be available in the various mirrors.

I wish to warmly thank all those who have contributed to it with their
activity, opinions, advice and testing.

We kindly suggest sites running previous releases to update to this
bugfix release, as it contains several small fixes that make the
activity smoother and the space accounting more precise.

What follows are the release notes for this bugfix release



Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version dmlite 1.13.1

** Sub-task
    * [LCGDM-2758] - Try to remove the file if the putdone fails - gridftp
    * [LCGDM-2759] - Try to remove the file if the putdone fails - http

** Epic
    * [LCGDM-2748] - Disabled DPM disknodes and GridFTP redirection random node selection

** Bug
    * [LCGDM-1883] - dmlite logs are not compressed
    * [LCGDM-2399] - cannot cd to a symlink to a  directory
    * [LCGDM-2585] - "cd .." does not work
    * [LCGDM-2730] - Diverging directory space usage
    * [LCGDM-2739] - dmlite context leakage with gridftp redirection
    * [LCGDM-2775] - replicate command ignores the spacetoken parameter when poolname is specified
    * [LCGDM-2790] - DOME should accept connections from DNs also if the CN field is a host with a prefix
    * [LCGDM-2791] - Checksum issues (deadlock, popen3 blocking read)
    * [LCGDM-2796] - Prevent the DOME peak  performance stats from printing 'inf'
    * [LCGDM-2804] - dpm-dsi should implement utime
    * [LCGDM-2818] - GridFTP transfers confirmed OK to client before DPM metadata update
    * [LCGDM-2822] - poolstatus is an empty string for newly created pools
    * [LCGDM-2824] - Macaroon does not include the full FQANS of a Proxy
    * [LCGDM-2825] - drainpool is broken
    * [LCGDM-2834] - Dbutils missing cast of port number parameter
    * [LCGDM-2835] - Macaroons have empty dn/fqans in the absence of the user mapping
    * [LCGDM-2801] - dpnsdaemon: prevent a directory filesize from changing while being adjusted

** New Feature
    * [LCGDM-2682] - Move star accounting to new stack

** Task
    * [LCGDM-2803] - Use the dpm and cns names from DOME conf in dbutils

** Improvement
    * [LCGDM-2559] - dmlite-shell replicamodify
    * [LCGDM-2593] - Fix the introduction of the DOME docs
    * [LCGDM-2645] - Macaroons: switch from the internal code to the external, recent libmacaroons
    * [LCGDM-2655] - Wrong treatment of for dot=current directory
    * [LCGDM-2727] - Complain when setting quotatokens at a level deeper than the one where space is calculated
    * [LCGDM-2762] - Improve help format for optional parameters in dmlite-shell
    * [LCGDM-2768] - Add a DMLite primitive to select a server
    * [LCGDM-2769] - Add to DOME a command that selects a server that is not disabled
    * [LCGDM-2770] - Add to DomeAdapter the primitive to select a server
    * [LCGDM-2771] - Move dpm-dsi into the DMLite source tree
    * [LCGDM-2772] - dpm-dsi should use the DMLite primitive to select a server
    * [LCGDM-2776] - Drain should set to RO FSs also via DPM
    * [LCGDM-2779] - Better error reporting for failed drain
    * [LCGDM-2780] - Enable the low speed checking in curl
    * [LCGDM-2785] - Add generic space info to dome_info
    * [LCGDM-2787] - WebDAV TPC curl copy can get stuck forever (prevent graceful restart)
    * [LCGDM-2798] - Make sure that newly inserted filesystem paths are normalized and without trailing slashes
    * [LCGDM-2799] - Print the activitystatus in readable form
    * [LCGDM-2800] - Evaluate allowing dome to inform external systems
    * [LCGDM-2806] - Add the option head.prohibitrandomserver (default false)
    * [LCGDM-2807] - Print the poolstatus as a readable string
    * [LCGDM-2808] - Output the simple stats in dome_info
    * [LCGDM-2810] - Sort the output of qryconf
    * [LCGDM-2815] - Garbage collect replicas that did not receive a putdone in a certain time
    * [LCGDM-2816] - Print simple stats about the internal queues and the put queue
    * [LCGDM-2823] - Move lcgdm-dav into the DMLite source tree