Submitted by furano on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 17:09


 we just pushed the latest versions of the core components of DPM to EPEL-testing. These should become available in

the next one or two days. We encourage sysadmins to test this release and give feedback before it's promoted to

the EPEL stable repository.

This is a bugfix release that will allow us to proceed more smoothly towards the next releases, which will contain

new features. What follows are the release notes.



Fabrizio Furano, on behalf of the DPM team



Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version DMLITE 0.7.6

** Bug
   * [LCGDM-1863] - mkdir() is not atomic
   * [LCGDM-1912] - Missing leading / in BuiltInCatalog::extendedStat exception message
   * [LCGDM-1919] - Bug fix in dmlite shell drain
   * [LCGDM-1925] - dmlite build fails on Fedora24
   * [LCGDM-1947] - dmlite::PoolContainer acquire() can remained blocked even if there are threads calling release()
   * [LCGDM-1948] - new drain* commands do not check if the replica Status is updated after the transfer ends
   * [LCGDM-1949] - new drain* commands and file loss
   * [LCGDM-1950] - The memcache plugin ignores replica extended attributes
   * [LCGDM-2009] - Boost property tree chokes with integers bigger than 2G

** Task
   * [LCGDM-1250] - Implement all old dpm commands in dmlite-shell
   * [LCGDM-1733] - Retry in case of failed replica removal
   * [LCGDM-1828] - implement move operations in dmlite-shell
   * [LCGDM-1879] - dmlite-plugins-mysql: getPools can read the cached pool list while another thread modifies it
   * [LCGDM-1951] - add replica extended attributes to Info command output
   * [LCGDM-1952] - Limit to 10 the number for draining threads
   * [LCGDM-1959] - Add dryrun =true by default to drain* command together with new info printed

Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version LCGDM 1.8.11

** Bug
   * [LCGDM-1814] - dpns/srmv2/dpm systemd unit files refers to mysqld.service instead of mariadb.service
   * [LCGDM-1815] - fix conf file path in dpm/dpns systemd unit files
   * [LCGDM-1830] - DPM systemd files should take the Environment parameters from /etc/sysconfig/
   * [LCGDM-1881] - The StAR accounting script should not consider directory sizes
   * [LCGDM-1922] - missing EnvironmentFile in rfiod service file

** Improvement
   * [LCGDM-1882] - Change the semantics of starttime-endtime in the StAR script
   * [LCGDM-2001] - Some more requested fixes for the star producer

** Task
   * [LCGDM-1942] - change sysconfig file format to be SL6 and CC7 compatible
   * [LCGDM-1986] - rfcp buffer overflow