Submitted by amanzi on Fri, 12/08/2017 - 14:46

DPM 1.9.1 has been tagged and released to EPEL testing. The release include the following fixes/enhancements:


  • [LCGDM-2412] - dpm-listspaces should set the free space coming from pool to 0 in case it's negative
  • [LCGDM-2439] - The check for Webdav status in dpm-listspaces is wrong..
  • [LCGDM-2475] - rfiod on cc7 missing conf
  • [LCGDM-2495] - star-accounting script with --reportgroups option issue on C7
  • [LCGDM-2538] - StarAccounting script uses hardcoded DPM DBs names in queries


  • [LCGDM-2283] - remove dpm-listspaces check for dpns hostname when selecting gip option
  • [LCGDM-2521] - Integrate patch from Mattias due to changes in globus-gsi-credential
  • [LCGDM-2541] - Release LCGDM 1.9.1 to EPEL testing


  • [LCGDM-2539] - SRM crash at different sites triggered apparently by the same user request