Submitted by furano on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 11:21


we just promoted the components of dynafed 1.4.0 from epel-testing to epel production. I wish to
thank all those who contributed with their feedbacks. The packages are expected to be available in the mirrors
in 24/48 hours.

What follows is the release notes.



Release Notes - LCGDM Development - Version Dynafed 1.4.0

** Epic
    * [LCGDM-2672] - Enable uploading to S3 files larger than 5GB

** Bug
    * [LCGDM-2599] - Deleting a directory gets acknowledged after the cache delay
    * [LCGDM-2658] - Default logging levels kill CC7 performance
    * [LCGDM-2671] - Possible race condition inside the Python interpreter in the auth plugin
** New Feature
    * [LCGDM-2681] - Allow multiple prefixes in name translation
** Improvement
    * [LCGDM-2551] - Flag to allow redirection on checksum request
    * [LCGDM-2676] - Document the workflow for the multipart S3 uploads in the UGR docs
    * [LCGDM-2683] - Pass the Authentication header to the file push/pull scripts (TPC)
    * [LCGDM-2684] - Allow passing arbitrary header lines to the file push/pull scripts (TPC)
    * [LCGDM-2685] - Adding files to S3 may need to fake the listing of more than one level of parent dirs
    * [LCGDM-2694] - Augment the authorization rules with 'c', for COPY requests