Submitted by amanzi on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 09:20


  • [LCGDM-1813] - The new UI seems not to work well on Safari and Konqueror
  • [LCGDM-1837] - Wrong PUT request from the dpmbox UI
  • [LCGDM-1838] - Lcgdm-dav adds tokens in the URL that are incompatible with S3 v4
  • [LCGDM-1893] - (Disk) File descriptor has to be set to NULL after close
  • [LCGDM-1960] - Missing return on dav_disk_close_stream
  • [LCGDM-1967] - SSLCipherSuite problems in zlcgdm-dav.conf

Configuration Change

  • [LCGDM-1776] - Static files not accessible by default on CentOS7


  • [LCGDM-1845] - 3rd party copy pulling: do not fail if initial HEAD fails (see S3)
  • [LCGDM-1913] - Log the destinations of redirections

New Feature

  • [LCGDM-1322] - Add support for pulling 3rd party copies


  • [LCGDM-1876] - CLONE - Remove weak ciphers from lcgdm-dav httpd conf
  • [LCGDM-1891] - Add TB to lcgdav size