lcgdm-dav 0.18.1 available in EPEL


  • [LCGDM-2013] - No URL escaping
  • [LCGDM-2052] - File descriptor caching does not consider not existing files
  • [LCGDM-2155] - Extra comma at the end of a checksum reply

New Feature

  • [LCGDM-1896] - Report available bytes as per rfc4331
  • [LCGDM-1965] - Add support for "Try again later" responses in lcgdm-dav



  • [LCGDM-2111] - Use the newer getchecksum() to calculate a checksum in mod_lcgdm_disk/checksum.c
  • [LCGDM-2130] - No more crazy libgridsite session files !!!

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