Using the continuous builds

How we use the builds

The build of the SVN trunk is used to feed our nightly tests and our stable test infrastructure.

Its main goal is to produce feedback that is useful for the developers and maintainers of the various components. If you are a developer then you should consider the SVN trunk build to verify your work in the shortest possible time.


Continuous Builds

Continuous Builds

The LCGDM software development process is based on the idea of continuous builds. Whenever there is a change to the source code, in any of the components, a build system updates the installable packages in a shared directory. Anyone can install those packages, which represent the trunk release and the candidate release.

Our continuous integration process is built on Bamboo  Bamboo



The project name Lcgdm comes from the first Grid-related projects, and originally meant LHC Computing Grid Data Management.

Nowadays the project evolved from its initial roots, and is composed by a set of sub projects facing different aspects of data management for high throughput, widely distributed computing

dmlite , dpm , lfc Dynamic Federations


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